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Here are some tips:

  • Open any blinds or curtains to allow as much natural light in asp ossible
  • Put away anything that clutters up the space
  • Clean, clean, clean! ┬áMake your cooking space spotless
  • Tidy up your personal appearance
  • Ensure your kids are kept busy and any animals are not in the area
  • Have a disposable container on hand for your photographer to bring home your dish offering
  • Have payment on hand for any mileage/petrol reimbursement
  • Have all ingredients prepped to maximize your photographer’s time

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No, this is against our policy. Any image displayed must be an actual image of the dish you prepared. Otherwise, it is false advertising.

We will match you with a photographer but you will work directly with the photographer on the details. The final results may take up to a month to receive. While you wait, you should still list your dish with your own photos.

Yes! Photos are very important to selling your dishes.

We recommend you google “How to photograph food” to get some important tips to make your meals look mouth-watering good!

Yes, you will be given a copy of the photographs that you may use at your discretion. Ziarvo will also retain ownership as will the photographer. Ziarvo and the photographer will retain the right to use the pictures for marketing purposes.

No. However, the photographer is entitled to keep the dish that you have prepared (minimum of two servings). You also will be asked to reimburse them for their mileage.

High-resolution photographs that showcase you, your dishes and your cooking space can help your listing stand out. It also can reassure your customers that you and your cooking space is clean and will give them a better expectation of your dish offering.