We understand that sometimes things come up and you may be required to cancel. As a courtesy, we would appreciate it if you would contact us as early as possible by emailing us at support@cooktocasa with the word ‘CANCEL’ in the subject of your email.  Also, please message the customers as early as possible using our message tool.

If you cancel multiple times and without enough notice, we reserve the right to revoke your privileges on Cook to Casa.

No.  You are free to accept or deny any booking request.  If you deny, it would be best if you let them know why (too many orders, too late in the day, personal reason, etc.).  This would make it more likely for them to try to place a booking in the future.

Your payment will be sent to your bank account the day after the booking. That’s why we ask for your bank details.

It is always best to use disposable dishes and containers.  If you must use something non-disposable, include the cost of it in your meal price.  Use your best discretion for keeping food hot or chilled.  It may make sense for the customer to reheat your dish in their oven, or even do the full cooking of the prepared dish in their oven.

Disposable containers can be found at most groceries stores.

You can work this out with the guest through our messaging tool.  Be sure to define your rules if they are not at a meeting spot on time or if you are delivering food to their home, what to do if no one answers the door.

The best first step is to determine what you will spend on ingredients.  Then think about the time you’ll spend making the meals, the complexity of the meal, and what other cooks are charging for similar meals on Cook to Casa.

Yes, it is perfectly legal.  There are some countries with stricter food sale regulations and we’re working on our roll-out plan for those.  The payment you receive is compensation for the time you’ve spent preparing the meal and to cover the costs of the ingredients.

Please consider your country’s tax regulations in respect to the money you earn from selling your dishes.  It is your obligation to report any income you make.

It is up to you to determine the cost of your meal. This amount should include the cost of your ingredients and serving goods, any delivery fees you’d like to charge, and any profit you’d like to make. Cook to Casa places a 10% commission on top of the rate that you’ve set – meaning it’s the person doing the ordering who pays the service fee.  For example, if you decide the price of your meal is $40, Cook to Casa will list your meal at $44.  This margin helps pay for insurance, marketing, website fees, administrative expenses, etc., etc.

From the Cook to Casa Home Page, click on ‘Become a Cook’.

You will fill out your cooking account and send us information about the dishes you’d like to sell.  Once we have everything complete, we will send you the link to verify the information.

Then you can wait for your first guests to make a booking request.

And the best part: it’s 100% free to post your meals and be a cook on Cook to Casa.



If you have any other questions, please contact us!